Zaher Al Majed - Art Director, Generalist


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I have worked with Zaher directly, day in day out, for ² years…an independent creative mind who likes to spread his wings and take every assignment to a sofisticated level of output. I always admire his passion, eagerness and dedication to continuously think out-of-the-box to deliver unique propositions in the shortest possible time.
Hisham Abu Alfateh, Marketin Manager, NBB
I’ve worked with Zaher on design several projects, after the first job I decided to use him for all my design & branding needs. Not only did Zaher deliver what I asked for, he also made fantastic suggestions to alter my requirements. The outcome was always beyond expectations & I plan to use him for all my future projects
Imran Al Aradi, Radio Host & Comedian (Bahrain)
Zaher is a very talented and creative designer. During his work in Ideas Holding Group he worked closely with our clients to develop and enhance their branding and creative work. I highly recommend Zaher for high profile branding and create work.
Jaleel Al Sharaf, Chairman of ideas Holding Group (Bahrain)
Zaher’s meticulous attention to detail and his amazing talent in design and other aspects of art direction makes him an outstanding asset to any organization. His speed of execution has surprised me time and time again and his creative ideas bring forth new dimensions to any project he works on.
Amal AlSorani, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication, BIBF
Zaher is one of the most creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Despite his age, he has amassed the professional experience of a seasoned designer and web developer – in itself a rare combination.I would highly recommend him to any organisation seeking a gifted art director.
Zainab Bucheery , Senior Officer, BIBF

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