Zaher Al Majed is a Bahraini Creative / Art Director. Design has been Zaher’s passion for as far back as he can remember and he has accumulated over fifteen years of experience designing creative, high quality concepts across different mediums including advertisements, logos, graphics, fashion, and other visuals. Zaher is also a keen photographer, calligraphist and enjoys creating English typography. He is a driven and dedicated team leader who is well versed in both oral and written communication.

He has an eye for creativity and constantly strives to achieve perfection. His biggest strengths are his positive attitude, determination and passion to achieve anything he has set his mind to.

Zaher highly values efficiency, finds it imperative to meet deadlines and enjoys new learning opportunities that will allow for the further development of his skills, abilities and knowledge.

Zaher has also successfully organised events, led marketing campaigns and handled highly complex projects with ease.

Branding & Design

Marketing & PR

Web & Digital

Motion Graphics

For more information or any inquires, please contact us: info@zaheralmajed.com