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Zodiaclaw is a new typeface that inspired by the lion claws. I designed this font for those who want to be different. Zodiaclaw is a luxury font you can use it as product title or logo. With some old classic european touches. Zodiaclaw is a humanist typeface that is based on traditional calligraphic forms, but with some new features in its shapes and strokes that provide a more open, elegant and actual look. I hope you like it.
Zodiaclaw is more than a typeface, it’s also a story; The one of my 2014. A story about moving to big company, the result of meet great people from all parts of the world and their cultures too, the result of talks in classes, offices and cafeteria. the result of sharing moments, experiences, knowledges. Zodiaclaw is the result of all these experiences and people: and now I’m sharing with you this piece of my story.
You can download this typeface totally free. If you think that Zodiaclaw has been useful for you, or if you love it, I would greatly appreciate it if you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please E-mail me, so will possible help me to fix things for future versions. 
Zodiaclaw typeface, born in Manama city at early 2014 by Zaher Al Majed.

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For more information or any inquires, please contact us: